Historic Greenup Depot

Historic Greenup DepotThe Historic Greenup Depot, built through community effort in 1870, is currently in the museum complex on the Historic National Road. The Depot building has served the St. Louis, Vandalia & Terre Haute Railroad, the Pennsylvania Railroad, the Penn-Central Railroad, and the Illinois Central Railroad.

In 1973, six years after the Depot closed to freight traffic, the Illinois Central Railroad sold it to the CCHGS for $25, and it was moved to Haughton Park. In 1992, it was moved once again and renovated for use as a train museum.

In its current location, the Depot brings to mind a bygone era when railroads brought Greenup many freight shipments and travelers. The main floor boasts the original waiting room and office fixtures and a model railroad depicting major periods of American Railroading. This depot is one of few constructed with second-story living quarters, currently beautifully restored in 1930’s era decor.

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