Zion Cemetery

The Zion Chapel Cemeteries are located about 4 miles west of the intersection of Routes 121 and 45, across a finger of Mattoon Lake, in Neoga Township, Cumberland County, Illinois.  There are two parts, the Old on the north side of the main road, and the New on the south side (Section 29 T11N R7E).



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  1. I’m trying to get a VA headstone placed in the North (Old) section of Zion Chapel cemetery. My 3rd great grandfather is buried there and he served in the War of 1812. According to the VA, since I live so far away, I need a contact person who will accept the stone, and have it placed. I would like to have his honors rendered at that time, if possible.

    Please contact me so I can get this on the VA’s “front burner” rather than it taking a much longer time. My phone # is (317) 650-8680, and the phone is with me almost constantly. I am willing to drive to Cumberland County to get this done whenever necessary.

    My ancestor’s name is Handy Tull, and we have finally found his damaged stone. My last time there I spoke with a mortuary owner who had a booklet that had all the names of the existing stones in 1977. They had misspelled my ancestors’ name as (M)andy Tull.

    Any, and all, assistance will be appreciated greatly.

    Thank you,

    Jesse J. Bullens III
    5354 W. Whittier Dr.
    Knightstown, IN. 46148

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