Cemetery Listings

The Cumberland County Historical & Genealogical Society has invested hundreds of hours researching and putting together information about the cemeteries located within Cumberland County, Illinois. Here you will be able to view a listing of the cemeteries within Cumberland County, along with information that has been gathered by CCHGS. Due to the vast amount of information collected, along with new information being continuously added, our online database may be incomplete.

A small genealogical library containing extensive local information including obituaries and grave site information has been developed by CCHGS volunteers. Call our office in the Johnson Building at 217-923-9306 for more information. We accept inquiries by telephone during open hours at the museums. See the homepage for other contact numbers.

*Denotes that location is approximate
The last column displays the shortened cemetery name that is used in the records search.

Cottonwood Township
Fox/Heath Cemetery 1260 CR 1500E FOX/HEATH
Haggin Cemetery 1163a CR 1050N HAGGIN
Ryan Cemetery 1597a CR 1200N RYAN
Sconce/Hutton Cemetery 1026a CR 1685E SCONCE/HUTTON
Tippett Cemetery 1538 CR 1050N TIPPETT
Webster/McCormick Cemetery 1490a CR 1300N WEBSTER
Crooked Creek Township
Duck Pond Cemetery 575a CR 2100E* DUCK POND
Hazel Dell Church of Christ Cemetery 2255 CR 200N HAZEL DELL COC
Hazel Dell Church of God Cemetery 2254 CR 200N HAZEL DELL COG
Ruffner Cemetery 2150 CR US Rt. 40* RUFFNER
Washington Cemetery 2063 CR 500N WASHINGTON
Greenup Township
Bootes Northway Cemetery 1875E & 675N* BOOTES
Bright Cemetery 1645 CR 800N BRIGHT
Block Church-Mt. Zion Cemetery 1898 CR 200N BLOCK
Carson Cemetery 421 River Road* CARSON
Feltner Cemetery 300N on River Road FELTNER
Greenup Cemetery 520a off Ill Rt. 121 GREENUP
Harmony Cemetery 735 CR 1750E HARMONY
Indian Mounds
Liberty Hill Church Cemetery 1740 CR 200N LIBERTY HILL
Paul Cemetery 344 CR 1900E* PAUL
Sturman Burial Site 700 CR 1625E
Troxel Cemetery 1817 CR US Rt. 40 TROXEL
Neoga Township
Buchanan Cemetery 1250a RR Street* BUCHANAN
Concord Cemetery 1300 CR 00E* CONCORD
Drummond Cemetery 649 & 650 DR 950N DRUMMOND
Illinois Central R.R. Gravesite 1237 Railroad Street* ICRR
Lockhart Cemetery 1250N & 070E LOCKHART
Long Point Cemetery (west) 3258E & 850N LONG POINT WEST
Neoga Memorial Cemetery 075 CR 950N* NEOGA
Crossing Cemetery 135 CR 1200N* CROSSING
Zion Cemetery 149 & 150 CR 1300N* ZION
Morgan's Mound 1200 CR 700E
Springpoint Township
Brush Creek Cemetery ½ mile W of 500E on 550N BRUSH CREEK
Elliott Cemetery 775E & 500N ELLIOTT
Faunce Cemetery 49 CR 400E* FAUNCE
Lillyville Chruch Cemetery 127 CR 100E LILLYVILLE
Montrose Cemetery (Eff. Co) Across road from 015CR 500E MONTROSE
St. Rose Catholic Cemetery 015 CR 500E ST. ROSE
Mullen Cemetery 670 CR 150N* MULLEN
Needham Cemetery 98 CR 350E* NEEDHAM
Sumpter Township
Bear Creek Cemetery 920a CR 900N BEAR CREEK
Berry Cemetery 1075 CR 700N* BERRY
County Farm Cemetery 920 CR 1350E
Farmer Cemetery 490a CR 1000E* FARMER
Friends Grove Church Cemetery 753 CR 1500E FRIENDS
Greeson Cemetery 1330 CR 550N* GREESON
Light Cemetery 1400 CR 750N LIGHT
Salem Church Cemetery 1325 CR 450N* SALEM
Toledo Cemetery 630 CR 12540E* TOLEDO
Upper Berry Cemetery 864 CR1100E UPPER
Union Township
Bell Cemetery 1301 CR 1675E* BELL
Cutright/Herr Cemetery 973a CR 2150E CUTRIGHT
Davison Cemetery 800a CR 2050E* DAVISON
Decker Cemetery 1060a CR 1925E* DECKER
Garrett Cemetery 800 CR 2275E GARRETT
Hill Cemetery 1085a CR 2000E HILL
Jack Oak Cemetery 1851 CR 1100N* JACK OAK
Kirkling Cemetery 1010 CR 1850E* KIRKLING
Long Point Cemetery (East) 2348 CR 900N* LONG POINT EAST
Macedonia Church Cemetery 1090 CR 2400E* MACEDONIA
Neal Cemetery 1625a CR 1300N NEAL
Nebo Cemetery 2000E & 1200N NEBO
Union/Johnson Cemetery 1375a CR 2100E* UNION
Woodbury Township
Allison Cemetery 820a US Rt. 40* ALLISON
Chezem Cemetery 35 CR 1200E* CHEZEM
Jewett Cemetery 950 CR 190N US Rt. 40 JEWETT
Kingery Cemetery 550a Frontage Road Montrose KINGERY
Woodbury Cemetery 1125 E Cumberland Road WOODBURY