Berry School

The Berry School is known to exist as early as 1852. It was located West of Toledo, approximately 1 mile South of Berry Cemetery. Operations ceased in 1946.

Note from Bill Elder, sent to Marilyn ?

I went to Berry school my first year in 1928. The teacher was Chauncery Kingery. The school was straight west of Toledo past the Berry Cemetery and take the first left. Go straight until the road turns right. If you did not make the right turn, you would go into the school. From the 2nd year until the 7th year I attended the White Oak school, which was about 1 mile farther west on Route 121. Where the country road went South to the Seeley Ford on Muddycreek. In Toledo, 1934-36, Bert Birdzell (Erma’s father) was the teacher. The county schools were all about 1 mile apart. I believe I have a picture of the WhiteHall school at the 7 mile curve on Route 121 where my father attended.

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