Dudley Keen Johnson

Dudley Keen Johnson 1815-1869

Dudley Keen Johnson

Dudley Keen Johnson was a pioneer merchant of the village of Neoga. In 1854 at the age of 40 he left New Marion, Indiana on an exploration of Illinois driving a schooner wagon containing merchandise. He stopped at a spot he expected to become a town and built a log house that was to become his home and general story. That spot is where the Kingman burial plot is now located in Neoga Memorial Cemetery. After making ready his new home, Dudley Johnson returned to New Marion for his wife and two children, Carrie and Holman. They were brought to Neoga in a comfortable two-seated carriage. Mr. Johnson later moved his store to the spot where the Cumberland County National Bank now stands in Neoga.

In 1894 his daughter, Miss Carrie Johnson, late Kingman, was awarded the Gold Medal Award from St. Xaviers Academy in Chicago for the painting of her father, Dudley Keen Johnson. The painting was done in India ink.

Dudley Keen Johnson, 1815 – 1869, buried in Neoga Memorial Cemetery.

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