As May comes to close we have been reminded of the power that mother nature holds. As I sit here writing our city crews are out repairing power lines that were damaged in this afternoons storm, numerous people are out cleaning up the aftermath of the strong winds, and some are still scratching their heads trying to figure out where to start.

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at the Johnson building welcoming a family from the Newton area if my memory serves me correctly. The spent the better part of two hours looking through all 3 museum buildings to see what unusual things could be discovered. I think the highlight for the two young boys with them was the train layout in the depot. They circled it for nearly 45 minutes pointing out things they were finding in it. Can’t forget the daughter that found it terribly funny to give the old train horn a yank and scaring her mother nearly to death. The boys also enjoyed checking out the different eras of military uniforms that we have on display at the Military Museum. It was a joy listening to their father telling them about each one and about members of their family that had served in different branches of the military.

Again this week has just been another round of adding to the school listings. I’ve added information for Brown, Brushy Ridge, Buchanan, Buck Branch, Burge, and Butterfly schools. Take a look at them and travel through time as we continue our journey of the history of schools within Cumberland County. If you have any information about a school that I haven’t shared I’d be happy to include it in the listings. Just send it to kyle@cumberlandcountyhistory.org and I’ll add it in when time allows.


From work life to home life, it sure has been a busy week for me. I haven’t got as much done around the site as I had planned for the week due to work hours, helping a neighbor with tree removal, and of course the kids keeping me on my toes, but somehow I still manage to squeeze in just a few additions to the schools, so stop in and check them out.

I hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, be safe and have fun.


Some times the desk can become quite disorganized and cluttered simply due to the vast amounts of information that must be sorted through and placed where needed. This week has been no exception as I start getting things added to the site. There has been some major updating going on with our newest section being added for the history of schools that have called Cumberland County home. It has been a fascinating journey thus far digging through all the data on some places that I personally never knew existed. I hope you enjoy looking through it as much as I have, stay tuned for more updates as I add more and more information to the site.

This weeks updates and additions

  1. Added the following pages to the school listings: Aleshire, Antioch, Apperson, Baumgartner, Block, CumberlandPioneer, Silver Leaf
    • Started working on Neoga Unit #3
  2. Restructured the cemetery listings to allow for future updates to them in a more organized manner. This change is something that was needed on the backend structure of the site. From a viewers standpoint it will still cosmetically appear the same as it always has.
  3. Added post about the history of the Ettlebrick Shoe Company that was complied by Kay Ettelbruck Ziegler in 2002, daughter of August Ettelbrick.
  4. Added post from scanned article about Lincoln, Needham, Gibbs – 1832
  5. Updated the location & contact page.

Last weeks “From The Desk” post was quick and to the point on what I wanted to say about some changes I was making to the site. Thinking back to it over the past week I realize it was rather vague on what the changes meant. As I said last week I had created a couple new sections of the site with future development planned for them.

From The Desk” is a category I have added to the blog as a means to organize my writings about site development. From time to time I may post some personal interest work in it but for the most part it will contain items such as what you are reading now, updates and information relating to changes made to the site. All postings in this category will be made solely by me. If and when the time comes that others decide they would like to write weekly articles for the site I will create categories for them to assign their writings too. Thus keeping things a bit more organized.

Community Corner” is another category I have added to the blog with the intention of opening our site up for the local community to share stories, photos, events, etc. Submitted items will be reviewed by a member of the site staff before being posted. In the event that a submitted item is rejected, you will receive an email in regards as to why your item was rejected, along with steps you may need to take to have it approved. See below for some general guidelines for submissions:

  • Contact Information is required for all submissions (Your name will be included on the post but contact information will be for our records in the event it is needed)
  • Event listings must include location, time, cost, description of event, a contact name/info for event (this will be posted)
  • submissions must be made via email to cc@cumberlandcountyhistory.org


Special Announcement

Over the past year I have allowed people to register an account on our website as a means to receive updates via email however over the past 2 weeks I have seen an significant increase in malicious login attempts and creation of spam accounts, along with verification that the system was not sending emails out when it was updated as intended. As a result I have made a few drastic changes to the backend system to increase security of the site, while still giving visitors an option to receive updates via email.

  1. User registration has been disabled. All accounts going forward must be approved and manually created by the developer.
  2. All current non-administrative accounts have been deleted from the system.
  3. User accounts will only be created for site moderators, contributors, administrators, and members of the Historical Society.
  4. A new email subscription system has been tested and implemented to allow viewers to subscribe to updates via email.
  5. Commenting has been set to require name and email. The first time you leave a comment, it must be approved by an administrator prior to showing on the site.


From The Desk

It has now been over a year since I took over management of the Cumberland County Historical & Genealogical website. I started my tenure with a complete redesign of the site which started with a new name, an evolution of looks, and the implementation of a content management system. With all the bugs worked out it is time to get this project revved up and expanding. So lets get on with what is currently in the works…..

  1. From The Desk
    • Blog category created as a means to keep viewers updated on what is going on around the website
    • Planned for bi-weekly updating
    • Will include links to the newest articles, updated articles, and future plans
  2. Community Corner
    • Blog category created to feature viewer submitted content
    • Updated as needed
    • Will include stories, photos, news, events, etc from viewer submissions
  3. Cumberland County Schools
    • Created under the “Sections” heading of the main menu
    • Will feature information about schools that once existed within Cumberland County
    • Goal is to add information for 2-3 schools per week until all are added to the site

If you would like to have something featured in the Community Corner it may be submitted via email to cc@cumberlandcountyhistory.org

Questions/Comments regarding CumberlandCountyHistory.org may be submitted via email to kyle@cumberlandcountyhistory.org