As May comes to close we have been reminded of the power that mother nature holds. As I sit here writing our city crews are out repairing power lines that were damaged in this afternoons storm, numerous people are out cleaning up the aftermath of the strong winds, and some are still scratching their heads trying to figure out where to start.

Last Saturday I spent the afternoon at the Johnson building welcoming a family from the Newton area if my memory serves me correctly. The spent the better part of two hours looking through all 3 museum buildings to see what unusual things could be discovered. I think the highlight for the two young boys with them was the train layout in the depot. They circled it for nearly 45 minutes pointing out things they were finding in it. Can’t forget the daughter that found it terribly funny to give the old train horn a yank and scaring her mother nearly to death. The boys also enjoyed checking out the different eras of military uniforms that we have on display at the Military Museum. It was a joy listening to their father telling them about each one and about members of their family that had served in different branches of the military.

Again this week has just been another round of adding to the school listings. I’ve added information for Brown, Brushy Ridge, Buchanan, Buck Branch, Burge, and Butterfly schools. Take a look at them and travel through time as we continue our journey of the history of schools within Cumberland County. If you have any information about a school that I haven’t shared I’d be happy to include it in the listings. Just send it to kyle@cumberlandcountyhistory.org and I’ll add it in when time allows.

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