News Releases – April 2, 2015 Meeting

What happened at the April 2 Historical Society Meeting? – published in local papers

The Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society meeting began with a visit from Phillip Green. He dropped off the original 1898 charter from the Greenup Chapter of the Improved Order of Red Men. Thanks to Kent Howell for donating the historic charter and to Philip Green for presenting it to CCHGS. Come by the Johnson Building Saturday, Sunday, or any day you see the “OPEN” sign to have a look at the charter and the other IORM paraphernalia that we have.

The other highlight of the evening was a video on How to Clean a Gravestone. It was great for genealogy buffs who like to get out in the graveyards and clear things up. Von and Ruth Blankenbaker demonstrated a simple procedure that doesn’t damage the stone and is capable of revealing a lot of information hidden by the ravages of time. Jerry Brown filmed the steps they suggested to follow. The video can be seen on our facebook page in Jerry’s entry from March 23. Or the DVD can be viewed at the Johnson building.

The regular meeting, conducted by president Kristan Scott, included the usual discussion of building visitation and maintenance. In the past three months, visitors have come to all three museum buildings, the main displays in the buildings have been cleaned as necessary, and Larry Kemper repaired the pipes damaged by the cold weather.

Thanks to Kenny Shook for helping to carry the remaining Christmas decorations from the Johnson Building and Depot across the street to the Military Building for storage.

The memorial stones for Bobbi Goodman and Ina Dillier have arrived and been placed in the park in front of the depot. The flowers are starting to come up; visit the garden soon for a pleasant place to sit and enjoy the spring weather.

Also, CCHGS members made initial plans for participation in Toledo Springfest, Neoga Days, and other activities in Greenup later in the year. Everyone was especially excited that we are planning once again planning to have the Cumberland County Historical Society’s Jeep Run during Toledo Freedom Days. This time we are looking for interesting new sites and routes. Different routes for jeeps and for cars to reach the designated points will ensure that everyone can enjoy part of the day outdoors with history.

The next meeting of the Historical Society will take place at 6:30 on Thursday, May 7 at the Military Museum in Greenup. Remember, current hours for the museums in Greenup are Saturdays 11-3, Sundays 1-3, and by appointment. Call 923-9306 for information or special tours. Check out our website at and our facebook page.

News Releases – March 5, 2015 Meeting

Historical Society Meeting on March 5 – published in local papers

Guests and members of the Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society gathered at the Military Museum in Greenup for the March 5 meeting and for the privilege of hearing two interesting presentations.

At the beginning of the meeting, in a special presentation, Phillip Green, currently a Grand Master at the Greenup Masonic Lodge, gave CCHGS members a presentation about the history and functions of fraternal organizations, some of which started in the late 1800s and have continued until the present day.

The main focus of Green’s talk was the history and current charity work of the Improved Order of Red Men (IORM). He also brought exciting information about the possible donation from Kent Howell of the original charter certificate for the Greenup chapter of the IORM which was found at a yard sale.

The Johnson Building currently has a small collection of pamphlets and other artifacts from Greenup’s Tahoma Tribe #25 and the women’s Pocahontas organization, both parts of the IORM. The Tahoma Tribe met between 1898 and 1933 in the IOOF Hall and other locations around Greenup. Their charter will be a welcome addition.

Mr. Green also emphasized the importance of preserving labeled photographs and talked about his current goal to locate photos, paintings, or drawings of all past and present members of the Greenup Masonic Lodge for display and historical reference.

Next, several items were covered in the business meeting. The minutes and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. The ongoing issues of building repair and maintenance were addressed. Kirstan Scott asked for feedback on the presentation she made to represent the organization. The members made plans to participate in Springfest, Neoga Days, the Jeep Run, and other County activities.

Special thanks this month, go to Jim Grant and to the family of Bobbi Goodman for donations to CCHGS. Also, a big thank you goes to Mark Reese for his help shoveling the walk and stairs of the Museum for the March meeting.

The second program of the evening was Jerry Brown’s presentation of his sister’s findings about a relative on their mother’s side, Eli Gardner. Eli and John Van Dyke went from Cumberland County to California during the gold rush. Though his traveling companions reportedly did not do as well, Eli made a lot of money and had a family there, but the story was not all happy. Jerry and his sister were surprised to learn that Eli’s granddaughter became a killer, infamous as “The Trunk Murderess” – Emma LeDoux, and the first woman to be sentenced to death in California (the sentence was reduced, but she died in prison). Find details about her at

The next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 2 at the Military Museum in Greenup. Remember, winter hours for the museums in Greenup are Saturdays 11-3, Sundays 1-3, and by appointment. Call 923-9306 for information or special tours. Check out our website at and our facebook page

News Releases – February 5, 2015 Meeting

Article for local papers about Feb 5,2015 Meeting

Historical Society Meets
A regular meeting of the Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society was held on February 5 at the Military Museum in Greenup. A little salt on the stairs helped everyone successfully arrive by 6:30. President Kristan Scott called the meeting to order and led members in the Pledge of Allegiance.
A moment of silence and a candle that burned throughout the meeting honored long-time member, Bobby Goodman, who passed away on January 27 in Terre Haute.
The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were approved and members were reminded to pay dues and join committees.
CCHGS members decided to continue membership in the National Road Association. Remember, there is more to learn about the national road and some jazzy video about Greenup, Jewett and other cities on the national road at
Volunteers reported that visitors came to the Johnson Building and Depot each day they were open.
Kristan Scott contacted school officials with the Cumberland County and Neoga school systems. Some teachers and grade levels are very interested in coming to the museums on field trips in the spring.
This year’s jeep run is once again planned to coincide with Toledo’s Freedom Day activities on June 27th. Creative Journey wants to work with CCHGS once again on the T-shirts. Members were reminded to think of what they would like to visit in the county ¬ and what route(s) will give greater satisfaction to both backroad jeepers and history buffs in cars as well.
A memorial was suggested for Bobby Goodman and for Ina Dillier, a founding member of the Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society. Bobby was a great source of information and an inspiring, entertaining and enthusiastic historian much appreciated at CCHGS. Ina Dillier donated many popular items of interest to the museums, volunteered much of her time, and was responsible for acquiring and planting many of the flowers in the Depot garden. Lottie Shook made a motion that we purchase memorial stones for these two women, and Kyle McCullough seconded it.
According to Bobby Goodman’s family, while Bobby Claire was living in Terre Haute, she continued to organize her research and her collection of historical artifacts and papers. She set aside several boxes for CCHGS and the family has kindly offered to bring them to Greenup soon.
Members were reminded about the Quanah and Cynthia Ann Parker exhibit and presentations happening this month at EIU.
The program was a short video Bobby Goodman wanted to make. It featured Bobby reading three fairy tales as she interpreted them, in verse with some unexpected twists and turns.
The next meeting of the Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society is scheduled for Thursday, March 5, 2015 at 6:30pm at the Military Museum in Greenup.
Remember, winter hours for the museums in Greenup are Saturdays 11-3, Sundays 1-3, and by appointment. Call 923-9306 for information or special tours. Check out our website at and our facebook page