News Releases – Jan. 8, 2015 meeting

Meeting Notes for Local Papers: January 8, 2015
Secretary: Martha Compton

Historical Society Meets

The Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society met on January 8, 2015 at 6:30. The Military Museum in Greenup had warmed up nicely for the hardy folk, who came out in windy 20 degree weather for the first general meeting of the year.
President Kristin Scott called the meeting to order and led the group in the pledge of allegiance.
The meeting began with the reading of secretary’s and treasurer’s reports.
Linda Matherly reported on the Johnson Building. Linda is working Saturdays only for the winter and has had visitors on each day she has had the buildings open. Among the calls she received, one person planning a vacation called from New Hampshire. Others called with genealogical questions and to express interest in donating artifacts and display items. Linda also reported that she was unable to purchase the display case previously approved because it was no longer available.
Reporting on the Military Museum, Lottie Shook noted that some basement repairs were still not completed.
Lottie and others went on with comments that the House Walk in December was fairly well attended. The three museums welcomed around 30 participants. People often visited all three buildings and spent time at the special photography exhibit in the Johnson Building.
Several members checked the windows after the New Year’s vandalism. Fortunately, the museums were not damaged.
Christmas decorations in the three buildings were taken down, mostly on the day of the meeting by Tammy Beck.
For new business, there was a discussion of ways to encourage further interest in the museums and membership in CCHGS.
Kristan Scott’s idea was to contact the schools to find out which of their classes would enjoy and benefit from a field trip to the museums. Kathy Scott suggested that we could possibly come up with materials for different age groups that would spark interest in the young visitors. Once again mentioned were materials for teachers and possible tours for them. We could reacquaint them with what the museums have to offer and get their ideas to help create interest for their students.
Another idea was to have more frequent CCGHS field trips to local attractions and possibly trips to places like Lincoln Log Cabin or other state historical sites. There was also interest in matching up with Coles County Historical Society, attending some of their functions or inviting them to join ours. Linda Matherly also reintroduced the idea of having some meetings in the other cities in the county to emphasize our county-wide interest.
The members discussed some possible partnering with cities and businesses in the county, creating organization memberships for them, and representing CCGHS by joining more city and or county activities . The final new business was a plan to get started on making the next Jeep Rally of exciting for both jeepers and history buffs.
The meeting was adjourned with a motion by Linda Matherly and a second by Elsie Short.
As the group enjoyed refreshments, Martha Compton presented a short program featuring some January-related Illinois historical figures from This Day in Illinois History by J. Ruetsche. Have you heard of these Illinois natives? McHenry county farmer, Fred Hatch, is credited with inventing the vertical silo. World famous Illinois poet, Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg on January 6, 1878. In 1924, Bloomington native, Florence Fifer Bohrer, was the first woman elected to the state senate; working for the rights of women, children, the sick, and the poor, she helped make Illinois a better place to live.
The next meeting of the Cumberland County Historical society will be February 6 at 6:30 at the Military Museum in Greenup.
For now, visit the museums during winter hours Saturdays 11-3 and Sundays 1-3. Call 923-9306 for information or special tours. Check out our website at and our facebook page

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