News Releases – Dec. 2014

The Cumberland County Historical and Genealogical Society met in the Military Museum December 4, 2014 for their annual Christmas dinner. We all enjoyed the soup supper and many sumptuous desserts.

The meeting was called to order by President Kristan Scott and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.

The secretary report was approved by a motion by Kyle McCullough and seconded by Lottie Shook.

The treasurer report was approved by a motion by Elsie Short and seconded by Kyle McCullough.

Reporting on the Johnson building and the Depot, Linda Matherly told us there were three donations recently. The uniform and memorabilia of Jeffrey Carrell and several books on the subject of World War II. The third is an entire tote of old sheet music from Joanne Easton. These will be available for viewing soon.

We also had visitors from New Zealand this month.

Jerry Brown reported that Jim Winnett of Casey has donated several cassette tapes he had recorded from the early 1970’s. One is a recording of a CCH&GS meeting. Several were recordings of Jim reading 1890 newspapers to preserve them. These will be digitized by Jerry and be available at the Museum soon.

We discussed the Christmas house walk to be held December 7 and arrangements were made to man the 3 buildings.

The Photo show is being set up in the Johnson building. There are over 50 photos on display for viewing.

Linda Matherly reported that a display case was advertised and asked about purchasing it. Kyle McCullough made a motion with Lottie Shook seconding. The vote was taken and the purchase was approved. Linda will make the arrangements.

The Christmas trees have been decorated in all the buildings. A big thank you goes out to Tammy Beck , Lottie Shook, Kristan Scott and Linda Matherly.

The election was held and the results were: Kristan Scott, President, Lottie Shook, Vice President, Martha Compton, Secretary, Linda Matherly, Treasurer. These new officers were installed by Elsie Short.

The meeting was adjourned by motion by Kyle McCullough and seconded by Louise Oakley.

Those attending were: Kristan Scott, Kathy Scott, Elsie Short, Louise Oakley, Lottie Shook, Kyle McCu llough Dixie Howard, Jerry Brown, Tip Carlen, John Thomas, Martha Compton, Linda Matherly.